Marble floors

Marble flooring is one of the most amazing techniques for decorating your home, but it has many advantages and disadvantages.

Today we are going to talk about the pros and cons of marble floors.

Characteristics of marble floors.
Each marble is unique as you can expect to have a unique floor that no one else has. It has many colours to choose from and you can create your personalized decoration.

Add a touch of elegance to the floor by adding aristocracy to the look. Give a look that no one else can imitate. (

Natural >> adjective
The best part about getting a marble floor is that it gives it a natural look. You do not have an artificial entity and therefore you can be satisfied with the result.

Marble floors were the most sought after because they have transparent properties and light can penetrate them. This gives it a lighting effect that enhances the decoration of your room. (

Marble floors have a unique fouling agent that increases the shine of the floors. Having a polished marble floor can make a huge difference and can easily accentuate your room d├ęcor. (

Heat proof

Marble floors can help conduct heat, so if you stay cool even afterwards, your feet will feel warm.

Replacement is easy
If you are installing this stone, you will receive an additional replacement kit so that if it cracks, you can easily remove the damaged piece and install it on the new piece.

The disadvantages of marble floors
Even marble floors can be prone to scratching and damage.

An acid stain
Marble can be severely damaged by small acids and will undergo a chemical reaction that will make floors appear chipped.

Water damage
If your water contains a large number of minerals, the stone will likely turn red and lose its colour. However, you can eliminate the problem by polishing regularly.

Marble floors are very smooth, so they can slip if you are not careful.

Marble has its pros and cons and it is entirely up to you whether you want to install it or not, there are many flooring options that you should fully explore before settling on one.